Mrs. Laabs

Meet Mrs. Laabs

Meet Mrs. Laabs

Welcome to first grade. My name is Mrs. Laabs and I love teaching first grade!

I have two children.  Andy – works at Maker’s Space in Chicago and Kelsie – teaches 1st and 2nd grades at Minnesota New Country School. 
A few of the things we will be doing this year are: reading a recipe and following it to make Teddy Bear pancakes, reading, writing, and learning about how the pilgrims lived and learning how Christmas is celebrated in many different countries. We will be making new friends, reading GREAT stories, writing your own stories and poems, adding and subtracting, and much, much more.

 I am looking forward to a wonderful year! 

If you have any question or need to contact me please see below. 
school phone number: 507-665-4732 
school email address: 
or send a note in your child's Home/School Connection Folder