Mr. Quiram

Meet Mr. Quiram


   My name is Tom Quiram. I am a Second Grade Teacher at Park Elementary School. This is my 30th year in education, all in the LeSueur-Henderson District. This will be my 7th in year in second grade after 18 years with fifth grade students. 
   I graduated from Minnesota State University in Mankato with a Degree in Elementary Education. Before that education, I had received an AA degree in Sales, Marketing and Management from South Central College. Since working with the LSH district, I have received a Master's Degree in Teaching and Learning along with a Principal's Certificate (K-12) from St. Mary's University in Winona. 
   I feel privileged to be working with the students of ISD 2397. If you have questions please contact me at 507-665-4749 or 

Tom Quiram