Field Trips
Elementary classes go on annual tours to points of interest. Teachers at each grade level pick places which relate to units they have taught during the year. These trips are not only enjoyable; they enrich the learning experiences of our students. Teachers may ask parents to chaperone trips and assist with students. Teachers are responsible for arranging for chaperones to ensure adequate supervision is provided and special needs are met for any students needing extra help or support. 

Students participating in field trips, are ambassadors of our school. They are judged not only from the standpoint of discipline, but also appearance. For this reason students are expected to dress appropriately for appearance and the weather. 

Before any student can participate in a field trip, a signed form must be on file at each school office. Parents will always be notified when classes are planning trips. All trips are free unless otherwise indicated. 

Most trips are sponsored by Park PTO, Hilltop HMT, H.A.V.E (Humanities are Vital to Education) and Hilltop FOCUS organizations. Without their financial support these experiences would not be available for our students. Their generous contributions are appreciated by students and staff.