Any homework assigned will have been fully explained to the pupil and of a type that can be done with the resources available in the home. Normally, a child who properly uses time available in school should not have an unreasonable amount of homework. A child who misses school for any appreciable length of time may have make-up work assigned to do at home. When your child has homework, you can help as follows:
  1. Provide the child with a place to study which is free from distractions. Check to see that the lighting is adequate.
  2. Set aside a definite time period in the after school hours and designate it “homework time.”
  3. After school, in the afternoon, or right after dinner hour are better for study period than later on in the evening when the child is fatigued.
  4. If a child is having a difficult time grasping material, contact the teacher to see if there is anything you can do a t home to help your child climb the ladder to successful learning.
  5. Provide guidance when the child is doing homework, but don’t do the homework.

If you request homework for a child who is ill, call the school before 11:00 a.m. to allow the teacher an opportunity to prepare the assignments. If you send a message requesting homework with a brother, sister, or neighbor, please have them stop in to see the teacher when they arrive at school in the morning.